Fees management


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Fees collection & receipt printing is the most important department in the school. This is the major source of income and major activity of any day in a school. In a school, you will need to receive fees from hundreds of students in a day and issue receipts to them. This process should be very fast and accurate. Also it allows receiving fees in seconds with few of mouse/ keyboards.

Fees Club is very useful to simplify whole fees processing system both for students and administrators. An institute takes different types of fees (Fee Heads) e.g. Tuition Fees, Campus Development Fees, Activity Fees etc... Along with the fees, institute takes some sort of Deposit Amount from the student as a security deposit which at the end of the study refunded. In the county like India, there are certain criteria and fee structure for Specific Students e.g. Tuition Fees are Zero (0) for female. To manage this scenario institute need well structured fees management. The system will identify the student, his current status, his fees history and on the basis of the Fee History records it will calculate the payable amount automatically. Organization need not to worry about old records too. Any kind of old record which is inserted in the system can be generated through reports at any time in future. Institution can get the fees amount ONLINE via Payment Gateway. Through the available reports Administration can get a bigger picture of the organization and judge the income. In this way, the decision making need to reform & will become more faster.


Benefits Of Fees Club