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Software Training Programs

Mildtrix Business as a responsible Corporate Citizen has taken up various welfare measures under its CSR activities with prime focus on youths as they will shape the future of the nation. We have strived hard to help young talents to redeem their talents and enrich their life. We are pretty sure that our investment in our youths will pay rich dividends and build a great Country.

These Training Courses are designed to meet all profesional needs of software making for clients. The training courses is available in segment are

1. Php and web designing
2. Python
3. Mpbile App Development
4. Digital marketing
5. Software training programs for students

On Job Vocational Training

The motive behind conducting Vocational Training in Mildtrix Business is to give the Vocational trainees, the feel of the practical aspect of what they study and expose them to the Corporate working. We conduct the Vocational training for Graduate/post graduate technical/management students from various technical and management institutions of the country – generally to employees’ ward and in a limited number to outsiders based on employees’ request or direct Institutes’ request. Vocational Training is provided for duration of 2 to 6 weeks. This training is provided in summer, during the period of April to August and in winter, during period of December to January.