Young Talents

An ambitious project taken over by the Mildtrix management where-in training and development activities are undertaken by our management.

Mildtrix is committed to work in accordance to meet its client’s benefits aligning development of its in-house talent by providing all the required skills needed for crafting their careers in a focused way.

The Mildtrix Management team which is being headed by the Human resource personnel supervises all the responsible proceedings from hiring the young talented individuals to transforming them into a professional and capable resource to the company.

Some of the technologies in which individuals are trained in:

This training will be free of cost and the individuals undergo an extensive expert level mentoring in all the areas in which they are concerned and assigned.

After the successful accomplishment of the training, these individuals will be competent to be working in conjunction with a 2 year industry experience personnel on the projects.

Further, Information on your career prospects

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